Wlasta from Lifefood: Resistance to Manipulation by Fear

Wlasta from Lifefood: Resistance to Manipulation by Fear

14. 03. 2014

"Anything that causes suffering to other beings, anything that destroys Mother Earth, can not bring long-term benefits to any part Mother Earth or to a human beings. Nothing that grows on earth grows exclusively as food for humans," says Wlasta, Lifefood Production Superviser. Read more about one of the key persons in Lifefood and her attitude to food. 

Wlasta Hlinkova, a mother of two, works as a production superviser in Lifefood. She is one of the key persons, working for the company nearly from the very beginning. She has a very original attitude to food, she sees no limits in what we can eat it provided no harm is done to anyone, whether a person, animal or a plant. Ethics is a very important to her and food is, obviously, very related to it. Meet Wlasta, our good soul od Lifefood.

How would you describe your diet?

I am a vegan for ethical reasons. The percentage of uncooked foods in my diet is about 95 %. Sometimes I eat cooked food, if it is vegan. I tend to eat plants of local origin for environmental reasons. More and more I am attracted to the harvesting of wild edible leaves, flowers and fruits, because of the absolutely different energetic qualities they contain and because it satisfies me not to be dependent on shops.

How long have you been a raw vegan ?

My diet was a bit „alternative“ since childhood, I had a tendency not to eat at all. After breaking free from the influence of stronger individuals I experimented with vegetarianism, then I naturally shifted to veganism and then to fruitarianism. My diet is still evolving ever so quickly over time. I am glad I never wrote a book about food, because at the time of its release it I would not be consistent with its content. For example, a few years age I commonly consumed garlic and now I do not eat it at all, along some other plants. When selecting foods I follow intuition ( with the exception of my work duties in Lifefood) .

What led you to the change in diet?

Ethics, perception of perspectives, lessons of life.

Reagrding the transition to fruitarianism, have you experienced any changes, have you healed any diseases? How do you assess the general impact of this diet on your body ?

I had nothing to heal. From the always ill child I grew into a chronically healthy person – a bad dream for all merchants with health and pharmaceutical products. I notice the positive effects of an uncooked, not too complicated, balanced, rather simple and wild foods diet through vitality, rapid regeneration, attention span, balance and resistance to manipulation, the refusal to be manipulated by fear.

How would you describe you diet?

My diet is quite chaotic, due to my workload . I do not give so much importance to food as is common in our culture. In the morning I get up, I excercise, I go to work, I do a lot of walking, barefoot as much as possible. I am out in nature and under sunlight as much as possible. My breakfast is very often something that I pick on my way to work. At work I taste products, I monitor dryers, then taste and taste again – this is my job.

Sometimes I prepare a fruit smoothie (like apples and wild herbs I picked on my way to work ), in winter it must be apples , pears , beetroot with horseradish, ginger , sometimes a salad ... Sometimes my friends in Lifefood donate a piece of tempeh or tofu food ... in terms of composition, I do not have time on weekdays to deal with food much on personal level, I do not even think about food . On days off, if I'm out , I eat what I can find, or do not eat, sometimes I carry nuts and fruit in my backpack. At home I eat fruit and when friends come over, I either prepare a more complex raw dish or cook some sort of vegan goodness - according to what they like.

Do you pay any attention to the quality of water?

In Prague I drink distilled water and quality tea. In nature I drink water from streams that are visually clean.

Do you think that vegan rawfoodism is suitable for all? It is in your opinion the best diet?

We are all different. We all have different needs, all have a different perception of the world. It is important to learn to distinguish between your real needs from those that are foisted upon us, for whatever the reason. If we want to perceive clearly we need to avoid mind-numbing stuff inserting itself into our bodies. It is as simple as that.

Are there any cons about this diet?

Not for me..

How important is the relationship between ethics and food to you?

Anything that causes suffering to other beings, anything that destroys Mother Earth, can not bring long-term benefits to any part Mother Earth or to a human beings. Nothing that grows on earth grows exclusively as food for humans. Fruits and seeds of plants are formed for the preservation of their own existence, not ours. If we take only what we need and take it with all due respect to the donator as to the context , we are nurtured in harmony with nature. Otherwise we will be gradually poisoned, despite eating according to the latest scientific studies and recommendations dearly paid by nutritionists. 

Will you share with our readers a tip for a good meal?

Apples collected from the grass under an apple tree. Top nettle leaves. Dandelion sandwich - dandelion leaves, dandelion flowers, dandelion leaves. For seasoning add sorrel leaf to dandelion blossoms. The beauty of a sandwich can be enhanced by one daisy on top...