Vegan Sunday Roast

Spicy, vegan loaf made with vegetables, almonds and sunflower seeds topped with garlic and soy sauce. Perfect with a salad or a plate of vegetables.
Main courses
30 minutes


Soak almonds and sunflower seeds overnight.

Pour off water from almonds and sunflower seeds and rinse them well. Cut carrots and mix them together with 1.5 sweet peppers, 2 celery stalks, almonds and sunflower seeds in your blender. (Tip: blend all ingredients in two stages and mix them afterwards) Now you should get a fluffy mass.

In the next step you cut onions, garlic, parsley, celery stalk and the left over half of the sweet pepper into small pieces and stir them into the Sunday Roast dough. Season your dish with spices and raw soy sauce.

Separate the dough into two pieces and dehydrate them overnight. Your Vegan Sunday Roast will get a crispy crust and an amazingly smooth inside. Enjoy every moment, made with love!

Lifefood tip: Serve this spicy vegan dish with your favorite vegetables, mild sauces or a big salad!

Almonds Lifefood Product 250 g
Sunflower Seeds Lifefood Product 250 g
Celery 3 stalk(s)
Red Bell Pepper 1
Yellow bell pepper 1
Carrot 3
Onion 1
Garlic 1 clove(s)
Parsley 1 handful
Soy sauce (Shoyu) little bit of