5+1 tips for fresh snacks on the go

5+1 tips for fresh snacks on the go

30. 06. 2015

Traveling is such fun! But it can be tough, sometimes, to find fresh whole foods that we enjoy. We bring you tips for easy and quick snacks that are always handy and can join you for days on your journey. 


Fresh fruits and local vegetables. A coconut that landed on your head as you were experiencing far-off climes on the opposite side of the globe. Vacation time! Summer trips! But what if no fresh produce is available? Or what if you simply yearn for some munchies? Well, that’s where we come in! Join us for a different kind of journey – into the world of ideal snacks to accompany you on your travels...


1. Crawnchies. Naturally!

Raw Crawnchies Crisps Spicy Paprika

The very first raw chips in a can! Always on standby to satisfy your taste buds. Made from pure vegetables and flax seed, these chips are dusted with selected natural flavours. What else makes this snack such an ideal companion for your travels? The container! These chips will survive a first-class luxury train journey, or an economy class squash. Delectable crunchiness always and everywhere! As with all Lifefoods products, each chip is made by hand. So it is no exaggeration when we state that the entire Lifefood team stands behind each and every delicious, crunchy mouthful!

As for the ideal flavour for summer – that’s even harder than choosing the best summer festival to attend! Everyone loves Spicy Paprika, but, then again, Crawnchies Sea Lettuce also has an army of devoted fans. After all, what else but the sea stands as a true symbol of summer, exotic foods, and total relaxation?. And what about the unsalted and unusual Pumpkin Curcuma? Difficult to resist... Perhaps the simplest solution is to take a decent supply of all these flavours along! Fortunately, we have launched a major Summer Creativity Contest, for which boxes of crisps will come in very handy!


2. The raw energy Lifebar. Your very best travelling companion!

Raw Organic Energy Bar Lifebar Plus Chia Young Barley

We really do stand behind this proclamation. Seriously. In terms of offering a proper snack, Lifebars are the absolute peak. We took them up to Uhuru Peak. They joined us as we meditated in the Sahara. They proved to be our trustiest companions during a kitsurfing safari in Brazil. Don’t believe us? Look for yourselves! Always at hand, fresh, and from the very best ingredients. Lifebars are made especially for you, and for whenever you need them. They guard against hunger; they are on standby against a case of the munchies; they offer a jolt of energy when your batteries are running low. You can choose between a classic Lifebar and a Lifebar Plus, enriched with superfoods. Whichever suits you best! True raw quality, meaning they will easily find a place between your snacking on fresh cherries, and munching on crunchy ripened peppers. Our tip is: never leave home without a Lifebar tucked in to your bag. Whatever flavour suits you best, we wish you an energetic journey!


3. Nutritional supplements to add to your summer fruit-eating indulgences. Flax crackers – for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner

unsalted chia crackers

There’s nothing more crackingly reliable than a cracker. In deserts, jungle mountains,… Similarly to gluten-free bread, Lifefood’s Flax crackers offer a quick, tasty snack, and can also be used as a crunchy salad topping. They bring out the best in all varieties of spreads, but can even be eaten unadorned. Lifefood crackers are offered in a large variety of flavours. They are all very nutritious, thanks to the flax seeds, packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidant lignans. For this summer, we have selected Unsalted Flax crackers with chia seeds for you. These are a very light option, with no added salt, made from only two basic – and yet highly nutritious – ingredients: chia seeds and flax seeds. A fantastic supplement, providing the body with many nutrients not even found in fresh summer fruit. Want to find out more about all the goodness packed inside chia seeds?


4. Light and refreshing. Flax rolls are packed with energy and are rich in taste

 Spiced Flax Rolls

Always at hand, a fresh pack of sweet goodness, loved by both adults and children alike –   and rightly so! Flax seeds are extremely nutritious, and when combined with other select ingredients offer the chance for a much-loved snack: Flax Rolls. In accordance with the mood of the summer, we have heartily selected Spiced Fig Flax Rolls. There’s a taste of the exotic in every bite. A great option to take with you on any trip. Or let these delicious fig rolls take you on a trip!



5. Utterly delicious. Truly raw olives!

 Raw Organic Olives from Peru

Just a handful of olives offer a nutritional feast. Could there be a better snack? Add to that their unmistakable taste! We are delighted to have found a family farm in Peru where olives are collected by hand, are left to ripen in the sun, and are cultivated in a pristine environment. We couldn’t be happier to have bonded with owner José to such a degree that he has enabled us to offer his truly raw olives to the whole world. How different they taste to the sterilised variety found in supermarket jars! Lightly fermented in sea salt brine, and then carefully dried – simply fantastic! We also offer a variety entirely free from sea salt, for the true olivo-holics. And with with herbs, or without. The choice is yours! Raw olives are a truly healthy ingredient of which you will never grow tired. For example, this olive tapenade is well worth a try. An energetic and delectable morsel suitable for any trip.


Quick tip: Bruschetta for lovers of Italian style


Are you a pizza lover? A fan of Italian simplicity? Simply spread some blended tomatoes onto some raw Italian Crispbread and top it with any veggies you might fancy. A clever recipe for a true raw bruschetta can be found here

We are wishing you some fantastic raw travelling!