Exquisite tiger nut-date-chocolates with a hint of vanilla, rolled in cacao. Quick’n’easy!
Chocolate Creations
30 minutes

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Raw Organic Dried Pitted Dates

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Raw Organic Cacao Powder

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Mix dates and water into a fine paste. Grind tiger nuts into a fine powder.

Put date paste, tiger nuts and ground vanilla together.

Take the mixture and shape it into little chocolates. Afterwards role them through truly raw cacao powder.

Enjoy Lifefood Tiger Nut-Date-Chocolates fresh or dehydrate them for about 8 hours.


Servings: approx. 18 pieces

Preparation time: 20 min.

Water 100 ml
Date(s) Lifefood Product 100 g
Ground Vanilla 1 tsp
Raw Cocoa Powder Lifefood Product 1 heaping tsp
Tiger nuts 100 g
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