Strawberry crepe with Dream Cream Hazelnut and chocolate sauce

Delicious crepe made with raw vegan strawberry fruit leather, filled with intense Hazelnut Dream Cream and delicious banana pieces. Served with a delicate chocolate sauce.
Chocolate Creations


Strawberry Crepe

Give 500g strawberries and two ripe bananas to your blender. Puree everything to a fine mass.
Spread out squares of your fruit leather on a sheet and let it dry in your dehydrator overnight.


Now spread Lifefood Dream Cream Hazelnut on top of the strawberry fruit leather. Make sure you reach every cm and place banana slices side by side on the Dream Cream. Roll the crepe together tightly and fix, if necessary, with toothpicks to prevent from falling apart. Enjoy every moment.

Chocolate Sauce

Let Lifefood Chocolate 80% melt in a warm water bath. Alternatively you can put it in the sun for a while. Pour the chocolate sauce over your fruit leather pancakes and serve them garnished with additional strawberries or banana pieces. Made with love.

The given amount makes two to three big vegan pancakes, but can also be used for mini pancakes and served as snack.

Lifefood Tip

If your chocolate sauce is too watery add a little almond paste!

Strawberries 500 g
Banana(s) 5
Raw Chocolate 80% Lifefood Product 70 g
Dream Cream Hazelnut Lifefood Product 2 Glasses