RawFest 2014 Attracts Thousands

RawFest 2014 Attracts Thousands

12. 06. 2014

The first annual RawFest turned into a magical day. Over two thousand visitors came together in Běchovice, creating a magical atmosphere. It almost comes as no surprise that even the weather favored such a concentration of positive energy.

The first annual RawFest - organised by Lifefood - turned into a magical day. Unexpectedly, over two thousand visitors came together in Běchovice, creating a magical atmosphere. It almost comes as no surprise that even the weather favored such a concentration of positive energy.

RawFest 2014The atmosphere is great, I’m thrilled,” visitors didn’t hold back the compliments as they walked among the stalls. Both raw foodists and complete beginners, all with an interest in raw food, came together in Běchovice, where Lifefood has its production facility. Everyone had the opportunity to meet with the top people in their field and savor their offers. Visitors interspersed food with lectures and workshops in the meadow.

RawFest 2014The interest in raw food was huge and unexpected. Shortly after noon many restaurants announced that they were sold out of their most popular attractions, with everything from popular coconuts from Freshbedýnky (a fresh & organic food delivery service) to dill sauce from Secret of Raw, which later visitors voted as the tastiest food in the vote for Golden Raw Treat, through to the kombucha from Vila Flora or pizza from Jelica. Visitors lauded the large number of Lifefood booths with cakes, Lifebars, chocolates and the special booth dedicated to mixing super food smoothies. The was the very first time they were able to encounter, in real life, the complete assortment offered by the largest producer of raw food, which is usually only available through the online store.

RawFest 2014We stood in line for 45 minutes, but it was well worth it,” commented a girl in a flower print dress, referring to the packed square and the restaurant section, as she was now already comfortably seated on the grass in front of the lecture tent. The empty plates were a testimony to the satisfying culinary experience. “I’m not a raw foodist, but I do have some health issues. After what I’ve experienced here today, I will certainly continue to explore raw food,” she said, adding, “but I need to study it thoroughly, so I bought a book too,”. By way of explanation, her friend added: “We’ve already gone through many things, and what we like about raw food is that it’s not really a direction or a diet. You just eat clean, simple food,” she explained, “and like yourself and listen to your body,” and she and her friend turned back to the lecture underway, with a smile.

Besides the food, raw products and fresh fruit, raw foodists from near and far were attracted by the special demo booth, with its all-day program showing raw “cooking” live. Many interested people saw for the first time with their own eyes the magic that can be conjured up with an ordinary blender and that raw “cooking” is not just tasty and healthy, but also pretty simple.

RawFest 2014In the lecture tent, where the program was hosted by actress Nela Boudová, interesting guests took turns presenting, whereas what attracted the most attention was the discussion panel consisting of the biggest names on the Czech raw food scene. People like Tereza Havrlandová, the owner of Lifefood, or Marie Špačková of the legendary blog, made many people happy with their direct sharing of life experiences and long-term raw food lifestyle. Meanwhile, Wlasta Hlinková made the audience laugh repeatedly with her jokes – “I don’t even know if the doctor, at whose office I’m registered, is still alive” - and Tomáš Bezděk and Petr Čech added their unique perspective on raw food and everything surrounding it. Justifiably, a unique atmosphere came about, people felt connected to each other and the questions followed one after another.

We know each other from a raw food discussion group on Facebook,” answered a young man in response to the question of how he learned of the festival and pointing to a nearby group of people. “So we thought this was actually a good opportunity to meet each other in person,” he explained, confirming that RawFest also had a social interaction purpose. Virtual friends and raw foodists familiar with each other through the Internet were finally able to meet in real life and in a grand style..

Meanwhile, painting and music workshops took place in the meadow, including even the sought-after singing workshop with singer Ivana Mer. Children enjoyed the trampoline, along with the music and chocolate workshops and enthusiastically discovered the magic of the games, puzzles and mazes of Zeměráj, a popular children's park in southern Bohemia, with their parents. The park even prepared an adventurous quest for treasure and an animal Olympics. Other elective activities included a slack line and a TRX trapeze, on which the boys from SebeRevolt showed off their athletic prowess during an excellent show. The afternoon program transformed into a fun concert atmosphere of jazz and Latin music, culminating with an avant-garde fire show.

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