Raw Organic Pecan Nuts
100% raw Vegan Gluten-free Lactose-free No sugar added BIO Certification

Raw Organic Pecan Nuts

(100 g, 1 kg, 500 g)
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Organic raw pecan nuts from Mexico
Incl. Tax: CZK 123.00 Excl. Tax: CZK 106.96
100 g
5 and more pc. in stock
Article-Nr.: VP0-1464
1 kg
5 and more pc. in stock
Article-Nr.: VP1-1464G1
500 g
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Article-Nr.: VP2-1464G2
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Pecan nuts are native from Central and North America and were traditionally part of the Native American diet. They have a sweet taste and are very rich in beneficial unsaturated fats.

  • Lifefood pecan nuts are cracked and gently air-dried without any heat, to preserve their natural aroma

  • Although high fat, they contain mainly beneficial unsaturated fat

  • Rich in fibre

  • Low in sugar

  • Nuts are the most convenient, nutrient-dense and tasty snack food

  • Raw quality: slowly dehydrated at low temperatures, unlike many nuts on the market

  • Vegan and organic quality


Pecan Nuts* (100 %).
* = Organic Certified Product

May contain traces of other nuts and sesame.

Article-Nr. & EAN
100 g

Pack size: 100 g
Article-Nr.: VP0-1464
EAN: 8594071481629

1 kg

Pack size: 1 kg
Article-Nr.: VP1-1464G1
EAN: 8594071487751

500 g

Pack size: 500 g
Article-Nr.: VP2-1464G2
EAN: 8594071486877

Country of Origin:


CZ-BIO-002, Non-EU Agriculture
Nutritional Values per 100 g

Nutritional Values per 100 g

Energy 2893 kJ / 691 kcal
Fat 72 g
- of which saturates 4,2 g
Carbohydrate 4 g
- of which sugars 3 g
Fibre 10 g
Protein 9 g
Salt 0,01 g