Quick and Easy shaking! Lifefood New Shaker: BPA-free. Softener-free. So handy!

Quick and Easy shaking! Lifefood New Shaker: BPA-free. Softener-free. So handy!

27. 07. 2015

After travelling with us to recent events, they are now available for you: Lifefood Super Shakers! Mix your protein drinks with ease, transport juices or store dressings. Complete your raw food kitchen with the new BPA-free shakers from Lifefood.


Yes, we are aware that you have been keen to get hold of our shakers. We have been asked so often whether it is possible to buy Lifefood shakers together with our new RawProtein. And now we can say: YES!

Lifefood new shakers are the practical transport option for your drinks, soups and dressings. Drink it on the go, enjoy it at your friend’s house or simply have a picnic outdoors in the sun. The container carries 400ml of liquid, the included whisk ball shakes even lumpy  ingredients, and the StayOpen™ flip cap makes drinking child’s play.


Get your Lifefood Super Shaker now and take your raw food wherever you want!

Use it for Lifefood RAWProtein Powders, Superfoods or even Seeds.Smoothie Cacao Spirulina

Find your favorite mix! Say hello to your new companion.


Try our Protein Drink with Raw Protein Powder Cacao Spirulina Drink


Shake it, baby!

For best results, fill the shaker with your favourite ingredients, add the BlenderBall® and tightly screw the lid on the cup. Press the cap on the lid until you hear a “click”. Shake your mixtures and enjoy.

The patented ball inside can move freely and easily. Even big chunks are mixed until creamy with the BlenderBall®. It consists of medical stainless steel and was made to stay with your shaker forever. No rusting. No clogging.

Lifefood shakers can be stored in the fridge. Use them to cool batter, fruit, or as a safe storage option to enjoy your goodies later.



Our shakers are free from BPA and softeners. We rely on quality at all times for our products. With our shakers, we expand on our free-from credibility (e.g. no added sugars, preservatives or additives) to include free-from BPA.

BPA stands for bisphenol a, a chemical which is often used in containers and packaging material. You can also find it in the material used for sales receipts, parking and bus tickets. Simply said, it is a binder which should not be used for consumption.

It seems to be a high-risk substance which is suspected of disrupting hormones, damaging nerves and causing cancer. It is banned throughout Europe for use in baby bottles. France has not allowed the use of BPA in any packaging material since the beginning of 2015. Of course, Lifefood bans it from the shakers.


Care Instructions

Of course, the Lifefood raw food shaker is not made for hot beverages but you can fill it with lukewarm raw soups and energizing drinks up to 42°C. It is also possible to put it in the upper compartment of your dishwasher (up to 60°C).

Be careful while handling carbonated drinks. They could cause pressure in the container and lead to a sudden opening of the cap. So please handle with caution to make sure all the nutrients end up in your body, and not on the table or in your bag.