Protein Drink with Cacao Spirulina and Nut Milk

Be fit and strong! A simple drink full of digestible protein, green spirulina and nourishing almond milk. During the day, before or after a workout. Energize yourself!
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5 minutes

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Protein Drink with Cacao Spirulina and Nut Milk

Raw Organic Cacao Spirulina Protein Superfood Powder 450 g

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Protein Drink with Cacao Spirulina and Nut Milk

Raw Organic Almonds with Skin

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Nut milk

Soak almonds overnight. Drain and rinse the almonds and blend them with fresh water. Separate the pulp from the milk by squeezing it in a nut milk bag (or alternatively use your stockings). 

Protein drink

Add a Raw pumpkin protein powder to your nut milk and that´s it! You can add bananas to make your nourishing drink thicker and sweeter. Here is your excellent cacao-like nourishing drink. Enjoy!


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Raw Protein Superfood Powder Cacao Spirulina Lifefood Product 2 scoop(s)
Almonds Lifefood Product 20 g
Water 200 ml
Banana(s) 2
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