Lifebar Energy Bars

Natural energy bars full of raw vivant nutrients.

Life Breakfast

Lifefood Chocolate

Loaded with nutrients, packed with love. Exclusive raw vegan chocolate.  

Protein Superfood Powders

Sophisticated blends based on seed protein & superfoods!

Crawnchies Crisps

The world's first raw vegan organic stackable crisps. Pop them. Crawnch them!


Raw vegan savoury snack bar with an exquisite taste.

Life Crispbreads and Crackers

Gluten-free raw crackers based on nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

Vegetable Crisps

Raw vegan and organic vegetable crisps. So different.  


Ecologically cultivated, hand-picked, without any preservatives.

Rawmeo Balls

Sweet luxurious balls full of passion and love.


100% natural nutrient-dense products for harmonious life.

Savoury Snacks

Raw Savoury snacks for special moments. Relax and enjoy.

Sweet Treats

A special selection of sweets for pleasant life and ecstatic joy!



Top quality raw organic seaweed – the best nutrition for your body.  

Nut Butters and Oils

Cold-pressed raw organic nut and seed pastes, "butters" and oils.

Sweeteners and Spices

Unleash your creativity, enter the world of raw recipes.


Highly valued raw organic nuts full of nutrients and energy.


Premium quality raw organic seeds for balanced diet.

Dried Fruit

Unsweetened and unpasteurised collection of raw dried fruit.

Lifefood Sport Food & Nutrition

Top quality nutritional products for active people.

Other Products