Paula rules!

Paula rules!

29. 10. 2013

1st place SLALOM, 4th place FREESTYLE! Paula is the queen of the 1st PKRA world stop PINGTAN - CHINA!

Paula is doing incredibly great! 1st place SLALOM, 4th place FREESTYLE, 3rd place BIG AIR! Congratulations to all in Paula´s team. We are proud to be Paula´s sponsor!

Read what Paula says about this great success. 

"I had a really interesting week. The conditions were really difficult for both freestyle and slalom as well with a huge swells and strong winds. After taking 3rd place in Singles in Freestyle, I lost it in doubles, loosing against Annabel van Westerop. I was really dissappointed after training so much, but in this heat something was wrong, I wanted to cry, it really wasn´t my day! I will try to make it to the podium next time! 4th place is still really good! I will keep working hard, I know I can do better.

After competing in Freestyle I joined extra Big Air contest, ending up on the 2nd place!

At the end of the week I decided to join slalom and give it a try! I couldn´t believe how fast and good and I can go! I won 7 races out of 8 on my freestyle twintip with boots winning against professional slalom competitors! The conditions were really challenging with strong winds and 2-3 m waves! I really enjoyed it! It was really fun!

Now we have 4 days break and on the 1st of November the 2nd Chinese PKRA World Tour stop on Hainan - Haikou starts! Wish me luck!


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