NEW : Cold Pressed RAW ORGANIC Pumpkin Seed Oil

NEW : Cold Pressed RAW ORGANIC Pumpkin Seed Oil

09. 05. 2016

Lifefood Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil is one of the most nutritious oils available, rich in vitamin E. It has an delicious nutty flavour and is perfect for both sweet and salty dishes as well as cosmetics. It comes as no surprise that pumpkin seed oil has been called “pharmacy in a spoon”. Do you want your spoonful of health each day? 

Lifefood Cold Pressed RAW ORGANIC Pumpkin Seed Oil is made from raw pumpkin seeds that are cold pressed with great care, so that all of the important natural nutrients are preserved and the standards of true raw food are fulfilled.

Using Pumpkin Seed Oil for Cosmetics and in the Kitchen

Lifefood Cold Pressed RAW ORGANIC Pumpkin Seed Oil has a mild nutty flavour and can be used in sweet dishes such as pancakes, porridge, fruit salads and other desserts. It is also perfect for soups, salads, dips, or to enhance the flavour of any raw food dish. For inspiration in the kitchen, you can find many of our raw recipes online, including selected pumpkin recipes.

“Whenever I run out of ideas in the kitchen and I start to feel depressed, the only cure is to kick it up a notch with a big helping of pumpkin seed oil.” Kamila N.

“Pumpkin seed oil is as great for my salads as it is for my skin.” Jana Z.

Tip: Pumpkin seed oil should only be served cold, never use pumpkin seed oil for frying, which will destroy all of its valuable nutrients.

The Origin and Beauty of the Pumpkin

The origin of pumpkins is not entirely clear, some sources say pumpkins came from America, others say from India. Today, pumpkins are widespread and popular all over the world. With attractive yellow flowers and large orange fruit, pumpkins can weigh up to 50 kilograms. By peeling off the skin, the originally white seeds change their colour to green.

“Pumpkin seed oil? It's addictive!” Simona R.

Do you want to join the pumpkin mania? Then click to order your very own bottle of delicious oil. Your cuisine, health and beauty will brighten up immediately. Guaranteed!

Pumpkin Soup with Lifefood Indian Cashews

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