Mung beans spread with Moringa

Mung bean spread with Moringa makes a super delicious combination
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Mung beans spread with Moringa

Raw Organic Cashew Nuts

100 g pack size

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Mix the mung beans until smooth, salt and pepper lightly. In a blender, prepare the pesto including olive oil, corn on the cob, shallots, cashew nuts, thyme. Partially blend mixture so that it is not completely smooth. Combine the pesto with the mung beans, then add the Moringa, finally mix and season with salt and pepper.

Mungo Bean Sprouts 200 g
Shallot 1 piece(s)
Corn Salad 2 handful
Raw Cashew Nuts Lifefood Product 1 handful
Thyme 1 Twig
Moringa Lifefood Product 1 tbsp
Olive Oil 9 tbsp
Salt pinch of
Black Pepper pinch of
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