Mike Blomvall: Don‘t dream your life away! Live your dream!

Mike Blomvall: Don‘t dream your life away! Live your dream!

09. 01. 2015

An exclusive interview with Mike Blomvall, a successful Swedish kiteboarder. 

We already know you’re a very succesfull kiteboarder. Tell us what else you are?

I’m a happy guy and – I like to think – a funny guy. Apart from kiteboarding I do parkour. And I like to fix things.

What makes you happy?

Little things!

Kiteboarding is your love and your passion. What’s so exciting about it?

The freedom, the flying, the challenge, learning new tricks. It’s just fun!

What’s your biggest achievement in the sport?

Finishing 4th in the 2008 World Tour. I also won two KPWT world tour events in 2010.

Can anything from your ordinary life compete with the excitement of kiteboarding – being in the waves, flying through the air etc?

Well, this is my life, so it’s dificult to say!

If you weren’t kiteboarding profesionally, what would you be doing?

The same things, but probably not so much.

If you were seven years old again and could see yourself now, would you be happy?

Hell yes!

Which person or thing has most inspired you?

My friends: they inspire me all the time.

I was fascinated to read that you saved a puppy’s life when it was being brought from Venezuela to Sweden. How’s the puppy now?

Last time I saw her, she looked just fine.

Do you think one person can change the world?


What’s your motto?

Don‘t dream your life away! Live your dream! And have fun on the way!

Thanks, and all the best!

Mike Blomvall