Christmas Cookie Ice Cream

Creamy Christmas Dessert Ice Cream with intense Medjoul dates, mild almond, spicy cinnamon and Lifefood Granola Cookie.
Chocolate Creations
20 minutes

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Christmas Cookie Ice Cream

Raw Organic Dried Pitted Dates

200 g pack size

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Creamy Christmas Dessert ice cream with crunchy cookie bites!

Mix dates, banana, almond paste and coconut oil with a little water to a creamy mass. Season your ice cream with vanilla and cinnamon as you like.

Lifefood Tip

1) With half a tsp of vanilla powder and a pinch of cinnamon your ice cream becomes really christmassy and a perfect dessert for the holidays!

In the next step you chop Lifefood Granola Cookie roughly and mix the crunchy cookie pieces by hand in your ice cream. Now make your ice cream freeze!
Put it in the freezer overnight. Once the ice cream is frozen, portioned it by spoon and sprinkle your Christmas dessert with cocoa nibs. Enjoy every moment. Made with love.

2) Try varying your Christmas dessert with Lifefood other delicious products! How about chopped cocoa beans instead of Lifefood Granola Cookie, walnuts or Lifefood tangy raspberry chocolate?

Date(s) Lifefood Product 14
Banana(s) 1
Raw Almond Butter 1,5 tbsp
Virgin Coconut Oil Lifefood Product 1 tbsp
Vanilla Coco Almonds Lifefood Product little bit of
Cinnamon little bit of
Chocolate Granola Cookie Lifefood Product 2
Raw Cacao Beans Lifefood Product to taste
Water little bit of
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