Chocolate Roll

Sweet pie with intense walnuts, fruity dates, delicate cocoa butter and a touch of vanilla.
Chocolate Creations
30 minutes

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Chocolate Roll

Raw Organic Dried Pitted Dates

200 g pack size

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Chocolate Roll

Raw Organic Cacao Beans Hand-peeled

100 g pack size

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Chocolate Roll

Raw Organic Agave Syrup

250 g pack size

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For this incredibly delicious raw chocolate roll, we start off with the dough! First mix 400g walnuts and 300g dates with some water in your blender. Spread the dough out and let it dry in you dehydrator until the mixture is stiff, but still remains pliable for rolling.

Chocolate Cream

For the chocolate cream, you puree 120g dates, 300g cocoa beans, 60g cocoa butter and 2 tsp agave syrup with 1 tsp vanilla powder and 400ml water. Let the chocolate cream become extremely smooth ...

Lifefood Chocolate Roll

…and spread it on the dried dough. Double pleasure on a plate! Roll the dough carefully from one side of the plate to the other. You can garnish your chocoalte roll with homemade cocoa nibs, dried fruits or nuts. Enjoy every moment. Made with love.

The give amount turns into 15 pieces.

Walnuts Lifefood Product 400 g
Date(s) Lifefood Product 420 g
Raw Cacao Beans Lifefood Product 300 g
Raw Cocoa Butter Lifefood Product 60 g
Raw Agave Syrup Lifefood Product 6 tbsp
Ground Vanilla 1 tsp
Water 400 ml
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