Ice Cream Without Milk? Yes, We Can!

Ice Cream Without Milk? Yes, We Can!

Nothing belongs to summer more than ice creams! 


It wets your whistle, pauses the time, let us enjoy the life flow. Standard ice creams contain milk. Do vegans have to restrain from this summer delicacy then?  For sure not! And the good thinkg about it? Dairy-free ice creams can even taste better!

You will need to take care of your ice cream – be sure that the fruits are frozen not too much, so it is possible to blend them. If you need to, you can add water or sweeten the mixture up with dates, yacon or agave syrup. Enjoy!

Raw Vegan StracCiatella 

Raw stracciatella


Vegan ice cream with chocolate topping? You will love it! 

Peel and cut the bananas into pieces and place them into your freezer until frozen solid. Allow to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes before blending. Place into a blender, add vanilla powder and half the cocoa beans and blend until it reaches the desired consistency. Serve the ice cream immediately – it melts quickly - garnish with crushed cocoa beans, chocolate glaze and chopped nuts...

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Green heaven ice cream - super healthy version 

Green heaven ice cream


Healthy ice cream with barley grass juice powder - it is possible!

Put the bananas into the freezer, wait for them to harden enough, then cut into chunks. Place the bananas in the food processor and process until smooth. Sweeten with agave nectar according to taste and add some barley grass juice powder, then blend again. Scoop ice cream...

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Chocolate chip ice cream 

Chocolate chip ice


Extremely chocolaty ice cream for hot summer days!

Soak cashew and macadamia nuts overnight. Puree the soaked nuts and add one tablespoon of raw cocoa beans, cocoa powder, almond paste, dates, maca powder and vanilla powder. Puree until you get a smooth consistency...

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fruity ice cream cubes 

Fruity ice cream cubes

The fruity refreshment from truly raw cashews, agave syrup and your favourite fruit! 100% vegan, 100% delicious.

To get those sweet little ice cream cubes add Lifefood truly raw cashews, water, blueberries and agave syrup to your blender. Mix all ingredients into a smooth cashew-blueberry cream...

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Christmas cookie ice cream 

Christmas cookie ice cream

Creamy Christmas Dessert Ice Cream with intense Medjoul dates, mild almond, spicy cinnamon and Lifefood Granola Cookie.

Mix dates, banana, almond paste and coconut oil with a little water to a creamy mass. Season your ice cream with vanilla and cinnamon as you like...

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