Healthy with Chia seeds

Healthy with Chia seeds

Small and yet very mighty - Chia seeds are good for our health

Chia seeds have become an integral part of many recipes. According to Mexican tradition, the small seed is regarded as real power and is supposed to provide people with important nutrients. In addition to the health benefits of Chia, the small seed is also ideal as an ingredient in many different dishes. Here you can read more about its benefits and get some recipe inspiration.

Chia seeds as a healthy source of energy

Due to the high fibre content, Chia seeds leave you satisfied for longer. These swell up in the stomach and provide a feeling of fullness without weighing down. It is therefore recommended to drink a sufficient amount of water when eating Chia seeds due to the high absorption of fluids in the stomach. Those who regularly include the small seeds in their diet can look forward to improved digestion and added nutrients.

But dietary fibres can do so much more: they slow down digestion which in turn improves the uptake of nutrients and therefore, the body is supplied with constant energy over a longer period of time.

Chia seeds are also a good source of Omega 3 which is essential in everyone’s diet but particularly in vegetarians and vegans’ diets. 

The ideal use in the kitchen

Chia seeds are very versatile and will soon appear in many of your dishes. In addition to many salad recipes where Chia can be used as a topping, all kinds of desserts are possible. Overnight Oats and sweet pudding can be not only delicious, but also super healthy.

Brazil Nut Chia Pudding with Kiwi Sauce

For all the people who love winter tastes all year round, a delicious Orange Chia pudding can be worth a try. In addition to fruity orange, the ingredients also include almond butter, cinnamon and cocoa powder. Almonds have been shown to strengthen the intestinal flora and supply our body with numerous vitamins, such as vitamin E, for example.

Should you fancy a little something exotic, why not try a fruity Brazil nut pudding with kiwi?  Chia seeds with nutty-sweet Lucuma powder, mesquite powder and naturally sweetening dates - what a combo!. Not only healthy, but also very visually pleasing.

Products with Chia seeds from Lifefood

We at Lifefood are very familiar with the positive properties of superfoods and we use them in numerous products which you will find in our shop. Our Sauerkraut Chia snacks with 4 different types of seeds are particularly popular. Besides Chia, you will find sauerkraut, sunflower seeds, hemp and pumpkin seeds in the crackers. If you like it a little more neutral, try our raw and vegan Chia Hemp Crackers. Delicious as a bread replacement or as a topping for soups and salads.

There are also great sweet alternatives made with Chia seeds. How about a quick and healthy cereal for breakfast? Our Life Breakfast Protein Blueberry Granola with Chia seeds can be prepared very easily with a little plant-based milk or even just water. The breakfast mix is also perfect for travelling - all you need is a bowl and some liquid. Dates provide natural sweetness and come from certified organic cultivation.

Do you travel a lot and muesli is rather difficult to prepare on the go? A small snack is particularly suitable for keeping your energy up for the day. Easily packed in your pocket, our Lifebar Superfoods energy bars with chia and pistachio are perfect for that. Without added sugar, gluten-free and vegan, our bars even come with additional crunch thanks to pistachio nuts, Brazil nuts, and pecans.

When choosing Chia seeds, you should pick the best organic quality you can find. If you value homemade dishes, recipes and breakfast variations, raw Chia seeds are an absolute "must have" ingredient for every kitchen cupboard. As an addition to many hearty as well as sweet dishes, this seed is wonderful. Used in liquid, they swell up and thus provide long-lasting satiation and a positive effect on the intestinal health. Our Chia seeds are from certified organic cultivation and are always gently processed below 45°C.

Chia is considered a real source of energy and can supply our body with many useful nutrients. Only a few grams a day can positively influence our health and provide strengthen for the whole day!