Beetroot Salad

Excellent balance between the sweetness of the beetroot and the tanginess of the celery. Perfect too as a sandwich filling.
20 minutes

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Beetroot Salad

Raw Organic Hemp Seeds Hulled

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Beetroot Salad

Raw Organic Walnuts

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Beetroot Salad

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Grate the beetroots, thinly slice the stalk of celery and the onion and coarsely chop the walnuts. Combine all the ingredients and season with salt, pepper, finely-chopped parsley and oil. Sprinkle with hemp seeds and serve with Black Olive & Sundried Tomatoes Breadsticks.

This recipe was created in cooperation with Stefania from the wonderful food blog La Tortoise.

Olive Oil
Black Pepper
Hemp Seeds Lifefood Product
Walnuts Lifefood Product to taste
Onion 1
Sea Salt
Beetroot(s) 2
Celery 1 stalk(s)
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