Apple Hemp Smoothie

Sweet, fruity and quickly prepared. Our favorite made with sweet banana, protein-rich hemp powder and creamy almond paste.
5 minutes

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Apple Hemp Smoothie

Raw Organic Hemp Power Protein Superfood Powder 450 g

450 g pack size

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Apple Hemp Smoothie

Raw Organic Maca Powder

220 g pack size

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Apple Hemp Smoothie

Raw Organic Baobab Powder

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Apple Hemp Smoothie

Raw Organic Almond Paste

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Core the apple, peel the banana and add both fruits with Lifefood hemp protein powder, almond paste and some water to your blender. Mix all ingredients until you get a creamy smoothie. Enjoy every moment.

For an extra portion of natural power, you can also add spinach or wild herbs.

The given amount serves two.

Lifefood tip

Pour the smoothie into a bottle and it will accompany you throughout your day. A sip of pleasure that sweetens your day. Made with love.

Apple 1
Banana(s) 1
Raw Protein Superfood Powder Hemp Power Lifefood Product 3 tsp
Almond Paste Lifefood Product 1 tbsp
Water 300 ml
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